125th anniversary of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp

In this ongoing project my pitch was chosen along with Cato Verschuur's to design and illustrate the graphic identity for the 125th anniversary year of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.
The client is organising two audio tours, one throughout the city of Antwerp and one on campus. It was important for them to be able to give something physical to the visitors of the conservatory, like a gift.​​​​​​​
- For the city tour I proposed a map that doubles as wrapping paper for a postcard set which would highlight the stops of the tour. This would also encourage interaction as the recipients can send the postcards to dear friends or use them to decorate their home. This idea was welcomed by the client and is currently being visually developed by me.
- The campus tour is build on the story of their janitor, who loves looking behind closed doors to see what goes on in the conservatory. I pitched the idea of an augmented reality tour as a contemporary approach that would allow visitors to see what goes on behind the doors without actually entering and potentially disturbing the students. The client was enthusiastic about this approach, however, due to some unforeseen budget issues it could not be realized.

The final project was developed by both Cato and me in collaboration with the conservatory and printed in May this year. 
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